We believe that the simplest solutions are often the best.
This concept is key throughout our design process.

Concept Development

We take ideas from infancy and turn them into concrete ideas and functional prototypes. We have experience in manufacturing, and we realize that we can not have too much information about a project. We try to talk with everyone involved in a process including operators, supervisors, engineers, purchasers, accountants, etc. in an effort to gather this information.

Custom Fabrication

We have ability to fabricate the machines and tools that we design. This is a huge benefit to our customers for a number of reasons. First, we are a one-stop-shop. We can take the project from a concept to a finished product all in-house. Fabricating our own parts and assemblies also cuts costs for our customers. Our engineers are often fabricators themselves, so they can communicate effectively with other fabricators. This dramatically reduces the need for redundant details on drawings.

PC & PLC Programming

All programming for our machines is done in-house. On complex machines involving motion control, we utilize PC-based control systems. Simpler projects are often controlled with PLC’s to reduce cost and space requirements. When several machines are involved, we can network them to a central location for control and data acquisition. Doing the programming ourselves enables us to give our customers exactly what they want without trying to communicate it to a third party.

Control Systems Design

This often involves the programming mentioned above and includes panel/enclosure layout, fabrication, and integration.

Structural Design & Analysis

We have the ability to perform stress analysis on our designs. This includes finite element analysis if necessary.

Pneumatic & hydraulic systems design

Many of our applications utilize hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for actuation. We incorporate standard components in the complete control systems installation.